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  1. Agreement to Terms of UseBy site usage, or applying for a job on CanJobs.com you agree to the Terms of Use for Job Seekers on CanJobs.com
  2. Terms and TerminationsUse of a Canjobs.com account is solely for employment purposes. We truly respect the needs of our clients and job seekers - and have a mission to connect local employers and job seekers. We hope to execute that mission in an environment where neither our employers or our job seekers have the distraction of account usage that varies from this mission. CanJobs.com retains the right to remove an account at any time. Accounts reported to be used for purposes other than seeking employment will be removed immediately. Termination for cause may include, but is not limited to
    • Violation of these Terms of Use
    • Harassment toward individuals, companies, or other third parties
    • An expression of unwillingness to abide by these Terms of Use
  3. Prohibited UseCanJobs.com has compiled this list as a partial example of content that is prohibited on CanJobs.com. This list is for illustration only and prohibited content is not limited to the examples below
    • Content that is offensive or incites harassment or advocates harassment of any Group or individual
    • Promotes or endorses false or misleading information
    • Offensive language and/or displays or links to explicit material of any kind
    • Provides instructional information about illegal activities
  4. Company LiabilityCanJobs.com does not make promises or guarantees regarding specific results or timeliness in meeting your employment objectives. Employers are solely responsible for the content of the job postings on CanJobs.com sites. CanJobs.com is not responsible for hiring practices or for employment decisions made by any employer using CanJobs.com products or services
  5. Links to other sitesThe CanJobs.com network of websites contains links to third party websites. These links are provided as a convenience and are not endorsed by CanJobs.com. CanJobs.com is not responsible for the content of third-party sites. If you decide to access a third-party web site through a link on CanJobs.com, you do so at your own risk
  6. QuestionsIf you have questions or feedback about CanJobs.com, please contact us through email: customercare@canjobs.com to connect with a member of the CanJobs.com team
  7. Privacy: All user information will be used in accordance with the terms of CanJobs.com's Privacy Policy